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pain, patience, perseverance


My name is danny


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, in beautiful East Wenatchee, WA. My real name is Daniel but all my friends call me Danny. So, if you're reading this, I could only hope you'll call me 'Danny' from now on :].


Some things I'm into:

Singing / Guitar / Electronic Music Production / Songwriting / Composition(?)
The Web / JavaScript / Cybersecurity / Programming
Electro-magnetics / Astrophysics / Philosophy / Psychology / The Future / Outer Space




I'm usually working on a lot of various things in the little time I have. I thoroughly enjoy having a diverse set of things that excite and engage me; it keeps my mind fresh. Check out some of my work below. Fair warning: it may be a scatter shot.

"impakt the future"


This video is one of several branding strategy concept videos for "Impakt the Future", for Impakt Athletics. This one features music along with announcer and crowd.

The Impakt the Future concept for the startup company I work for, Impakt Athletics. So am I on the branding team? No. Marketing? No. Engineering. And I hope I don't rock the boat too hard when they realize I took off my dev pants and put on my graphic design pants for a few hours.

The logo is currently a "k" shape, which emphasizes the use of the 'k' in 'Impakt', but also has a dot above the stem of the k, to make it appear as an "i". Combined, I always read the logo as "ik", as in "that spider is icky". Not only that, but it doesn't really have any natural association with athletics. 

"Impakt the Future" emphasizes the "i", which is not only the first letter of the name of the company, but also stands for "insight", which is the primary product offered to customers of the sports software platform. The play on words: Impakt IS the future of sports technology, and that by using Impakt, you can *Impakt* the future with our software. The forward-oriented arrow also creates a sense of movement or progress in the forward direction, and the actual angle in the arrow represents an I that has been "impacted". The "." above the stem of the i could be overlaid on most sports photos as a ball:

  • wide receiver going up to catch the football
  • ken griffey jr jumping off the wall to catch the baseball before it soars over the fence
  • pele doing an upside down kick of the soccer ball
  • etc...

The "Do you have what it takes - to see the future?" moniker hints at the user's ability to 'see the future' so to speak with the insights provided by Impakt. The heart beat during the clip is rapid during the opening phase of the video and then stops when the receiver catches the pass - then resumes once the touchdown is confirmed and the Impakt logo appears. This indicates the anxiety fraught with being a coach as well as the calm and reassurance offered by Impakt.


brand within a brand

Think brand inception. It's a way for your customers to take ownership of your brand while simultaneously reinforcing the strength of your brand by providing more variety and more inherent recognition within the specific domain in which your brand operates. Hence, making yourself appear to be even more of the leader in the industry. Think about how all players wear Bose headphones - it's all about the brand.

Alternative 1 - heartbeat

This video is one of several branding strategy concept videos for "Impakt the Future", for Impakt Athletics. This one features a heart beat along with announcer and crowd.

Note how the rapid heart beat pauses when the receiver goes up for the catch, but comes back in at a calm pace once the Impakt logo appears. The heart beat may represent that of the fan, of the quarterback, or one of the players, but it is *especially* intended to represent that of the coaches'.



What do you see when you look at the logo above? Can your mind see the 3D box? Can your mind see the shape folding convex in one dimension and concave in another dimension? Can you see the impossible geometry (see the google drive logo) or the magic numbers? Sounds like crazy talk, but it's all there, leaving the interpretation of the meaning up to the "beholder". Which is good - it means everyone can 'own' part of what the logo means. It's more the idea that it represents.

alternative 2 - coach

This video is one of several branding strategy concept videos for "Impakt the Future", for Impakt Athletics. This one features Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley giving a pre-game locker room speech to his team.

Note the alignment of his words along with the actions in the video "the quarterback throws" "the receiver catches" "we're one" all line up with the quarterback throwing, the receiver catching and the two players coming together (as one) in celebration after the touchdown. This was completely unintentional, but the fact that it works so well is a good sign!